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99Damage League

Season 18



sample-image raidd’s calm encouragement has been the driving force behind our newfound resilience. The former CS:GO professional is today considered one of the most well-respected coaches in the competitive scene.



sample-imageOnce by far the youngest player on the roster. When BNG joined, he was considered one of the most interesting talents to date. Widely known for his almost robotic aim and mechanics. As calm in-game as he is humble outside of it..


sample-imageThe 21-year-old has been shaking up the competitive scene with his deadly charm. His calm and high-risk, high-reward playstyle is mesmerizing to watch, with his crosshair placement on point in all situations.


sample-imageThis natural born fragger with an amazing spray transfer has played a pivotal role in the progression of our team in recent months, winning the hearts of countless fans around the world. We’re all surprised the few times he doesn’t bring at least two people with him before going down.


sample-imageThe ingame leader and shot caller of the team. Praised by many and already showing an incredible work ethic and mindset. Amazingly talented and one of the future stars of Swedish esports.


sample-imageOur newest addition to the roster has won everything there is to win, including four Majors. re1gn is a true professional, both inside and outside the server, spending unbelievable amounts of hours practicing. Aside from that, he’s an extremely down to earth and humble lad.